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Welcome to Gethedocs!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Gethedocs. It has been a ride to get to this point, but we are finally here: launching a social platform where people can get their documents from their country of origin at a fair price in a secure way.

What documents are we talking about? Among specific documents that some countries require/provide, Gethedocs provides an infrastructure that makes it easy for you to receive birth certificates, marriage certificates, criminal and police records, divorce certificates, death certificates of relatives, etc.

As founders who lived abroad for a couple of years, we realized while being away from your country of origin you might be in an urgent need for documents. You may need these documents for a visa, a student application, a work permit, an asylum case, or maybe you just simply need your identity documents for the bank.

We also realized that most of the countries around the world do not have easy open processes to get the docs electronically and that some people (including institutions) take advantage of that situation, such as overcharging you to get your documents. So, we decided to do something about it.

With a strong team of well-trained Ambassadors, we created a logistic system that provides you with your documents at a fair price in a secure way. We are using technology to reduce costs and to get your documents faster and safer. You can purchase them directly on our website. For now, it is available in English and Spanish, but it will hopefully, be available in other languages soon.

To deliver the documents:

  • We use a secure portal where everyone will have their documents uploaded on PDF format. People have asked us why we are not using a simple email. But to be honest, your data protection is our biggest concern. We are currently using the secure technology of Clinked, you can check out more about its security standards here.
  • Some institutions around the world will ask for your documents to be apostilled. Learn more about the apostille here. Therefore, we are also offering the shipping service directly to your home, wherever you are in Central or North America. If you ask for shipping, each document will come with an apostille. We hope to be able to ship to the rest of the world soon! We want to help as many people as we can. If you need us to do so, please contact us for a fee and we will try to adjust to your needs.

Finally, when we founded Gethedocs we decided to keep a promise. Our fairness chain promise. We are committed to fairness. We promise to keep this platform fair for immigrants, so they are not overcharged to get their documents from their countries of origin.

We promise to be fair with everyone living, studying, working abroad. People should not be overcharged or forced to miss an opportunity because an important document is missing.

We also promise to be fair with our platform. The Ambassadors that provide their services and get the docs will get fair fees for each document that you buy. We promise to give opportunities for people around the world to provide services and have a source of income for fair rates.

Lastly, we promise to do everything in our power to be a fair tool to connect the world. You have an identity and the right to prove it, regardless of who and where you are. We will take care of your documents; we will be diligent with your data and we will hopefully play a part in making life easier for you.

Welcome and join us sharing this adventure with your friends and colleagues,

Felicitas Ukert & Iraida Herrera


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