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The "Apostille:" what is it, and why does it matter?

by: Yaraví Rivera

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The rapid growth of globalization and interconnectivity has had a strong impact on all aspects of life, especially on the need for valid documents abroad.

This led countries to celebrate the Apostille Convention in 1961 in order to eliminate the need to authenticate each document, instead, if the country from which the public document came is a party to the Convention, and the country in which it will take effect is part of the Convention as well, the origin of the document and the authenticity of the signature issued by the competent authority are accredited.

The apostille applies to public documents, pursuant to article 1 of the Apostille Convention, these can be considered as all those documents from an authority or official, linked to a State jurisdiction, including those from the public prosecutor's office, or from a secretary, official or judicial agent, administrative or notarial documents and official certifications that have been placed on private documents, such as registration mentions, checks on the certainty of a date and authentications of signatures.

For you to have a clearer view of some of the documents that this applies to, some examples can be: court rulings, court notifications, public deeds, sworn translations, police and criminal records, as well as, all of the documents issued in Guatemala by the RENAP (National Registry of Persons) and in El Salvador by the RNPN (National Registry of Natural Persons) like divorce certificates, DPI or DUI certificates, birth and death certificates, and many more documents that may be needed to manage procedures abroad and that Gethedocs can help you obtain properly apostilled and delivered to your doorstep.

Each of the countries adhering to this Convention must designate one or more entities in charge of issuing the apostille, both in Guatemala and in El Salvador, this task is in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The apostille is a great tool that has made it possible to streamline and reduce the costs of the document validation process by eliminating the need for authentication, and also providing the ability for documents to be valid outside of their country of origin and used in an array of other countries where they might be needed.

There are still processes to improve, and we are far from having a fully digital option for valid documents outside of our countries. But that is what we are here for, with Gethedocs you can find a reliable and frictionless platform in which you can get both, the documents you need, and the required apostille, at a fair price.

Talk to us if you have any questions or comments. We are here to help.

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