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Criminal records in El Salvador

by Enrique Torruella Pineda

· Information,El Salvador

Can someone get your criminal records in El Salvador if you are abroad? Fortunately, the answer to this question is YES. In case you did not know, criminal records in El Salvador serve to know if the applicant has previously been sentenced to a conviction for the commission of a crime. Such documents are emitted by the General Directorate of Penal Centers, hereinafter "DGCP". They might be needed for various reasons: because they are part of the requirements to access a new job opportunity, for visa applications or for any administrative local or foreign procedure. 

Despite being a personal procedure, unlike the Solvency of the National Civil Police (or police records), criminal records in El Salvador can be obtained through a power of attorney (PoA) or with a letter for an authorized person. 

If it is by means of power of attorney, this must be granted before a Salvadorian Public Notary, or before the Consul in the place where the interested person resides. In said power of attorney, the power to appear before the DGCP to request and withdraw the certification must be specified in a special clause. The power of attorney will be valid for a maximum of one year to be presented and used before said institution. We consider that a PoA is more useful when you need someone to appear at  multiple stages or when multiple procedures, must be carried out. 

At Gethedocs, we recommend and draft for you (or for your clients) the authorization letter as the best option based on a cost-benefit analysis. This authorization must contain the express power to appear before the DGCP to request and withdraw the certification, as well as the power of attorney; and it must be presented and used before the corresponding authority within the three months following its granting. 

When  you do it with the power of attorney or with the letter of authorization, the original signed documents must be submitted. It is important to emphasize that for the authorization to fulfill the purpose for which it was granted, it must be authenticated by a notary in the city where you are, and have the apostille of the country where the document was issued, before being sent to El Salvador. 

If you do not have the respective legalizations, the authorization will not take effect in El Salvador, and it will not be possible for Gethedocs to carry out the procedure for you. 

But do not worry about it! Gethedocs will guide you through the process to prepare everything (either a PoA or an authorization letter) and your criminal records.

 If you have any questions or comments, contact us. We are always happy to help you out!

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